Our Story

How KX3 got its start.

About KX3 Sports

Kristin Armstrong and her husband Joe Savola are known for their attention to detail with pretty much everything they do in life.  In fact, one of Kristin’s favorite mottos is: “Excellence is in the details.”  Our KX3 mounts are proof of this.

How did we get our start with KX3 Sports?  Leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, we stepped away from a company we co-founded that sold computer mounts and other bicycle components made from machined aluminum.  We both knew that we would reenter the bicycle business at some point in the future with a desire and passion to do something better.  That’s when we looked at the existing computer mount business and asked ourselves why not carbon fiber?  Almost everything else on our bikes today is made from carbon.  Carbon fiber is strong, lightweight, doesn’t fade, doesn’t corrode, doesn’t vibrate, and we think it’s beautiful.  After two years of researching carbon manufacturing technologies and processes, designing mounts, producing tooling, and of course going through numerous prototype cycles, we believe we have developed the perfect compliment to your computer and bike: the KX3 X1 Mount.

“Excellence is in the details.”

Kristin Armstrong

Our KX3 Mounts are manufactured using a technologically advanced process known as carbon forging. In addition to utilizing the latest carbon manufacturing processes, we also assemble the mount with titanium hardware.  Yes, we could have chosen to go less expensive stainless-steel hardware, but again focusing on the details is what sets us apart from the competition.  And to complete your experience, we include in the packaging an allen wrench for installation and a super soft protective cloth bag to be used for storing your computer, sunglasses, phone, or whatever else you’d like to protect when not in use.

About Kristin

Kristin Armstrong is the most decorated U.S. women’s cyclist of all time and is arguably the best time-trialist in sports history. She is a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, two-time World Champion and has won six U.S. National Championships. 

Kristin is the only U.S. female athlete to win the same event (time trial) in three consecutive Olympic Summer Games, taking home the gold medal in Beijing (2008), London (2012) and Rio (2016). Additionally, Kristin became the oldest female cyclist in history to win an Olympic medal when she won gold in Rio, one day before her 43rd birthday. 

Kristin graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. She spends her free time on public speaking engagements, coaching, writing her book and being a mom. With the goal of moving the dial on health, in 2019 she started a business venture called PIVOT Lifestyle + Fitness by KA focused on health and fitness. Kristin recently opened up two fitness facilities in Idaho and has plans to open up three more in the coming year. Kristin is married to Joe Savola and they have a nine-year-old son named Lucas. Kristin and her family continue to reside in Boise, Idaho.