Carbon Computer Bike Mounts

The finest forged carbon bike computer mounts on the market.
100% carbon safe. Lifetime warranty.
A perfect match for your carbon bike.

Chloe Dygert winning the 2019 women's time trial world championships

“So excited to be a part of the KX3 Sports family. By far the best computer mount I’ve ever used. Lightweight and durable, gives me piece of mind not having to worry about losing another computer!”

Chloe Dygert (World Time Trial Champion, Track Individual Pursuit World Record Holder, Multi-time Track World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist Track Team Pursuit)

Carbon bike Computer Mounts

Forged in carbon. Lightweight, strong and 100% carbon handlebar safe. A perfect compliment to your carbon bike and a solid platform for your favorite cycling computer.

Kristin Armstrong with her son enjoying the spoils of her gold medal ride.

Our Story

We are a team of cyclists, led by Kristin Armstrong, dedicated to producing the finest carbon computer bike mounts in the industry.

Our carbon fiber bike mount, fresh out of the press awaiting to be hand finished.

Forged In Carbon

All of our mounts utilize a unique forged carbon process to produce lightweight, yet strong results. 100% carbon safe with a lifetime warranty to boot.

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We have LAUNCHED💥💥 Our website went live moments ago. After years of hard work, prototypes and testing we have nailed it. Our carbon mount is selling and shipping today. >>link in bio>> ✅forged carbon ✅strong & lightweight ✅doesn’t fade ✅doesn’t corrode ✅doesn’t vibrate ✅it’s a beauty

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After multiple prototypes, months of testing, and countless hours working with our engineering and manufacturing teams, we've finally honed in on a solution that we’re happy with. What originally started as a single bolt clamp with a hinge has now become what you see here — two bolts with no hinge.

Why the change? A couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is our opinion that a two-bolt “clamshell” style clamp provides a more precise fit to the wide variety of handlebars in the market. While the hinge may be a simpler solution for ease of installation (i.e. a single bolt to install) it is definitely not better from a fitment standpoint. Not all 31.8mm bars are created equal; in fact, we found that they can vary quite dramatically in both diameter and roundness. As you can imagine, a hinge style clamp is a fixed diameter for approximately ¾ of the clamping surface. For any handlebar that is not perfectly round or exactly 31.8mm diameter, this may create stress points or risers on the handlebar as well as the mount clamp, especially when being used with carbon bars…not what we strive for in creating the perfect mount.

Secondly, in our testing the two-bolt design tested stronger. During installation, when over-torquing the single bolt version, it makes sense that the hinge was taking all the stress. Carbon is super strong in specific directions and in specific areas, but the hinge connection consistently turned out to be the weakest link. Now granted, we were taking the torque well beyond any reasonable specifications, but in striving for perfection we didn’t feel like it was robust enough.

The solution to both issues above was to eliminate the hinge and introduce a second bolt. This allows us to get rid of the potential weakness of the hinge and address over-torqued bolts (we will be providing special, shortened allen keys for install.) We also added a bit more material to the backside of the clamping area to accommodate for the additional bolt which results in a slightly thicker, stronger mount.

We are happy to report that we haven’t had any failures to date in our testing.

Product will be available for pre-order mid-August. Stay tuned and happy riding!

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Posted @withrepost • 3X Olympic Gold Medalist, @kstrong22 is joining us on today’s show in Boise! #themove @lancearmstrong @ghincapie ...

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Proud sponsor and supporter of @teamtwenty20 and women's cycling. Get out there and ride!⠀

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Our mounts when they come out of the mold from the forged carbon process. There is a significant amount of hand tooling involved to get them to final product--soft in the hand, strong on the bike!⠀

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Jason Bauer of @bauerhausbikes installing one of our mountain bike prototypes. Jason not only helps test our products but comes up with some pretty damn good ideas to boot (and has a killer bike shop)! We couldn't do it without him.⁣

We are continuing our testing to produce the best quality product--making sure that we test before you invest!⁣

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Posted @withrepost • @kstrong22 #Repost @pivotbyka with @repostsaveapp · · · We are excited to chat with you today in just a few hours! With #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown a couple days ago we had to reschedule but are now ready to go live today at 10:45. See you soon! Tag a friend to join in and learn more about PIVOT directly from our Founder Kristin Armstrong! ...

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Don't worry Wahoo users--we've got you covered! 😉⁣

As you can see from the picture, our product is becoming more refined which means it is getting closer to being production ready. Stay tuned for our pre-order date!⁣

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We are busy developing our product line. Here is a sneak peek at the next product we have planned (all built using forged carbon tech). Stay tuned for more pics--you mountain bikers are going to like this one!⁣

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This is how Kristin Armstrong sees it... @kstrong22 @garminfitness⁣

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Line art from SOLIDWORKS. The early stages of the process tend to be the ones you least value in the beginning--it's not until you have something physical in your hands that you start to appreciate the details.⁣

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Getting closer to having these carbon mounts production ready. Let the testing begin! #allabouttheprocess #justaddcarbon #garmin ...

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